Our Semen & Breeding Program


Semen & A.I. Program

We have literally hundreds of semen straws to choose from in our tank.  Some that are VERY expensive and some that are simply a GREAT value.  We really don’t believe that most people will get a very good return on investment with extremely expensive semen.  You will not hear that from many in this industry.  You can get great quality, great production and a solid return on your investment if you invest wisely. Up to 90% of the market value in semen is based on the amount spent advertising it… NOT it’s proven production.   It is similar to a pyramid scheme where a few people at the top get rich, leaving many at the bottom holding on to only broken promises.  Over the years we have watched these schemes brew at many auctions and seen many people fall into that trap.  At Hurricane Creek, we know the market, and we know where the demand is.  Let us advise you on a plan that has the most potential for a solid return.

Just a Few of Our A.I. Sires

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Live Breeding & Back-Up Program

Hurricane Creek’s live breeding (or back-up) program is the best and most proven in Alabama!  Since 2004, we have been stacking genetics and growing record racks on our farm in Alabama.  XLT, Superman and King Ranch (shown below) are just a few of the Alabama record bucks that were born and raised at Hurricane Creek.  To us, this is SO much more important than just owning great semen.  Having monster bucks all over the farm proves that our program works!  No hype, just HUGE production year after year. We typically keep about 40 of our very best sires on hand at all times.  Breeders from all over the State lease our bucks each season for live breeding and to back-up their A.I. process.  Contact Us today to set up a Farm Visit so you can see for yourself!

SemenPagePicXLT    SemenPagePicSupperman    SemenPagePicKingRanch2

We also teach you how to raise a healthy herd of deer that produce the State’s BEST antler size!  If you are interested in starting your own breeder program or preserve, let us put our years of experience to work for you!  We would love to visit your farm and do a FREE consultation.  Contact Us today!

Some of Our Live Breeding & Back Up Sires

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